Explore the darkness.....

Our prisons are available to organisations to hire for paranormal. We do not run our own investigations, please check  the events page for details of companies that run such investigations and dates they have booked.

We only allow reputable insured companies to operate in our venues:

Haunted Happenings

Haunted Cells

Most Haunted Experience


We offer access to all historical parts of the prisons including:

  • Old gate houses
  • The wings and cells.
  • The kitchens
  • The debtors prison
  • The original gate house from the 1700's
  • The gymnasium 

We provide hot drinks and secure parking on site along with a dedicated member of staff to look after you.

Please call 03301118227 to enquire about costs and available dates.

We also provide access to The D-Day Bunker in Portsmouth.

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